Shephali Frost is an Indo-British Poet & World-Music performer based in Chelmsford. 

Known internationally for her unique rendition of music & poetry, 'The Inheritance of Love,' is her new repertoire, built with the support of Help Musician’s fund & Arts Council U.K. It combines South-Asian Ghazals, Nazms & ancestral Sufi songs with western classical music & contemporary British Jazz.

Trained in Indian classical music, Shephali spent the last eight years studying the history & society surrounding South-Asian poetry from the 13th to the early 21st century. Her concerts have a significant spoken-word component where she talks of the cultural context of her work.

‘Poetry & Music’ is another project that Shephali is working on where she combines Urdu & English poetry with modern British jazz.

Her collaborators in this journey are 

Zak Demetri on Saxophone

Samuel Hollis on Double Bass

Max Stanton on Piano

Robin Christian on Indian Flute

Waheeb Husaini on Indian Tabla.

In the past Shephali has worked as a film-maker, editor and screenwriter. She won an RTS award in Wales for her student documentary ‘Mr & Mrs Gill come to Britain’. In 2013, she won The New York Los Angeles and (NYLA) Best screenplay award & Women’s International Best screen play award (New York) for her independent screenplay, ‘The O’ Shaped Mouth’. She was also a quarter finalist in the international ‘Nicoll Fellowship screenplay award’. Shephali has written two books of poetry in Hindi and a new book called’ New Delhi Nocturne’ in English, which she completed with support from Cinnamon Press U.K. in 2020. 

As peace-campaigner, her music & poetry engage with dialogues of social-justice and peace-movements around the world. 

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