Shephali Frost’s compositions & performances crisscross UK, India & online. Trained in Indian classical music, she specializes in Ghazals, Nazms & Sufi music in traditional singing styles as well as Indo-Western fusion, created with artists from across the world.

She has a special interest in the ancestral Sufi poetry of India & Pakistan from 13th to the early 19th century. Her work resonates with the devotional songs of saints like Shah Hussain, Kabir, Meerabai, Shah Turab Qalandar & Narsingh Bhagat.

For the past few years, she has been involved in extensive research into the origin & evolution of Urdu poetry in the subcontinent.

Shephali sings newly composed works of 20th century Urdu poets like Majaz Lakhnavi, Firaq, Makhdoom, Nasir Kazmi, Zehra Nigah and many more. She is known also for her rendition of anti-colonial, revolutionary poets like Faiz, Makhdoom & Habib Jalib.

Shephali composes her own work as well as collaborates extensively with other composers. Iconoclastic in her love of music, she is always keen to experiment with other musicians in styles & genres. 

A published poet & award-winning screenwriter, Shephali writes prose and poetry in English and Hindi, but has yet to be coaxed into singing her own work.

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