Shephali Frost is an Indo-Western musician based in U.K. & India. Trained in Indian classical music, she specializes in Ghazals, Nazms & Sufiana kalaam sung in her very distinct & soulful style.

Dedicated to the study of history & culture, Shephali has a deep spiritual & intellectual interest in ancestral Sufi poetry of India & Pakistan from 13th to the early 19th century. She is also known for her highly reserached and original work on Urdu poets through the ages.

'The Inheritance of Love,' is her current repertoir for which she has teamed up with modern British musicians to evolve a multi-ethnic sound-scape that combines ancestral Asian music with western classical music & jazz. A highly original combination of East & West, her collaborators in this journey are

Zak Demetri on Saxophone
Samuel Hollis on Double Bass 
Max Stanton on Piano & Keyboard
Robin Christian on Indian Flute.

An acclaimed, published poet, Shephali writes prose and poetry in English and Hindi. This multilingual program combines ancient verse with spoken word & poetry in English, penned by her. 

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